A Word From Darrell…

Mister D: Seems there are some misconceptions of what this petition is about, so Darrell will try to explain it…which he does very well….I think now my cat would even sign it:-):

It’s been brought to my attention that there have been some
concerns towards the petition for Atlantic Records to release the
unheard material from “Songs For The New Depression.” I just wanted
to post and let everybody know that what we’re trying to accomplish
with this. All we want is to have Atlantic Records allow Moogy
Klingman to retrieve the lost songs he originally recorded back in
1975, so that he can in turn re-master them in his studio and then
return them back to Atlantic to be released. Moogy only wants the
album put back the way it was conceived, nothing more, and nothing
less. Considering there would be little to no expense for Atlantic
to go along with this, they’d be crazy not to jump on the opportunity
to make profit, while we the fans get a classic album the way it was
intended to be heard. The rights of this material isn’t what’s up
for grabs, Atlantic owns the right, we’re just trying to get this
material released to all the fans who appreciate Bette’s early work
as much as we do.

If we can manage to get the petition up to 1000 signatures –
which would be fantastic – I believe we’d have enough proof to
convince Atlantic of the potential in this project. So I plead to
all those who have yet to sign, please do . . . this petition is not
for personal gain, not for profit, or whatever other reason may be
speculated . . . it’s for us, the fans.


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