Exclusive: Bruce To Play Edna in “Hairspray”

Bette and Bruce!.jpg
Mister Vilanch was kind enough to let me know that he will be playing the part of Edna in the national touring company of “Hairspray”. His debut will be in Baltimore on September 9th and he will be touring the states for a full year…my goodness me, I don’t know what Hollywood will do without him….How are the stars gonna be funny????!!!

All I can say is Congratulations and “break a leg”, Mr. V…this should be some kind of fun…(a tidbit: Mr. V said he hasn’t shaved his beard off since 1971!!!!…no telling what they’ll find in there…Jimmy Hoffa? )…

Anyway, Bette is an investor in this show, so everyone check Mister V out in “Hairspray” when the show comes rolling into your town. Of course, I’ll be keeping everyone updated on that…here and then on my new site coming soon:

We Got Bruce

Mister Vilanch also gave me some nice history on “Chicago” which I’ll write about tomorrow….it’s late and I’m tired…

Love, Mister D

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