Updating Early: Going To The Mountains

New Songs are up until Next Friday….This week’s theme is “Parody Amongst Love Songs”….don’t ask me how I come up with this shit:-)

I have a poll you can take: Currently, it’s the standard “which is your favorite Bette Movie”….so far, “The Rose” is in the lead by almost 50%, as it well should be:-)

Supposedly Bette will be on the Caroline Rhea show February 20th…look at your calendar for the day….ta da!!!

I also found an interview with Bette discussing the ego-deflating experience she had with the turnout of the “Depression” album….even more reason to sign the petition, in my opinion…so what’s stopping you???!!!!! GOOOOO!!!!!

And of course, read about Mr. Vilanch and his new role as Edna in “Hairspray”…lots of other interesting material to read, too….

I may or may not have access to Bootleg Betty for the next few days…so enjoy, experiment, catch-up….or take a break from it and read a good book….

Just in case….everyone have a great rest of the week and a beautiful weekend…

Love, Mister D

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