Bette’s Tour Still On Track According To BootLeg Betty Hollywood Correspondent, Mister V (tee hee)

Thanks to Mister Vilanch, once again, for straightening some stuff out. The man can do everything….yes, he’s a consumate micro-manager:-) Anyway, I asked if he could give the BetteHeads some indication that Bette will still be touring even if he was touring also….I’ve been reading the posts and I’ve gotten e-mails concerning this. Mr. V was kind enough to give me what he could:

****my god, the power! the tour will go on, i just won’t be on it this time, but there are still cell phones, laptops and fax machines! in addition, it looks like we will be in the same part of the country, at least in the fall, when both tours are scheduled to go out, although bette’s itinerary is still in the works. we’ve been toiling all along on the show — bette, toni basil and your soon-to-be-beardless reporter — along with musical people, road managers, designers and well-endowed flunkies of all ages and sexes on both coasts. it’s going to be a doozy.****

Sorry guys and gals…I did not press for album information. I don’t know how far to go with Bruce quite yet:-) I’m just thankful for what I can get. Nice man…

Love, Mister D

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