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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Can You Imagine Bette “Outfitted” By Eminem?

Mister D: This is the second time I’ve seen Bette’s name associated with Eminem. The other time was in the lyrics of one of his songs…don’t ask!!!!

Grammy’s got a brand new bag — and it’s worth $20,000.

At the Feb. 23 Madison Square Garden ceremony, Grammy performers and presenters will be lavished with a Wilson’s Leather suitcase ($450) crammed full of goodies assembled by L.A.’s Distinctive Assets. Big-ticket items will include a 14K Maria de la Luz gold ring ($1,000), a 20 GB iPod ($600), and a Siemens wireless PDA phone ($600). Read More

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Bette Backs “Release the Fear” Program

Sculpting a peaceful plan
Melted weapons will form symbol

Kristina Davis
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 13, 2003 12:00 AM


Painter and sculptor Robert Miley sees his art as a tool for healing, with the power to change lives and communities for the better.

The 47-year-old Phoenix artist hopes to transform violence into non-violence through art with a large sculpture he will create from melted-down illegal weapons donated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The sculpture will be part of “Release the Fear,” a program Miley is planning to launch that would use art in Valley schools to raise awareness about alternatives to violence. Read More

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