Can You Imagine Bette “Outfitted” By Eminem?

Mister D: This is the second time I’ve seen Bette’s name associated with Eminem. The other time was in the lyrics of one of his songs…don’t ask!!!!

Grammy’s got a brand new bag — and it’s worth $20,000.

At the Feb. 23 Madison Square Garden ceremony, Grammy performers and presenters will be lavished with a Wilson’s Leather suitcase ($450) crammed full of goodies assembled by L.A.’s Distinctive Assets. Big-ticket items will include a 14K Maria de la Luz gold ring ($1,000), a 20 GB iPod ($600), and a Siemens wireless PDA phone ($600).

The more practical rappers and rockers in the house will also appreciate the Red Carpet Relief Kit by Foot Petals (flower-shaped foot comforters shaped to fit in those red-carpet-unfriendly high heels), the Sprayology vitamins for fighting colds and jet lag, and the foot-high pyramid of individually wrapped chocolates from Rocher — perfect for that ”I just lost to Christina Aguilera and I need to stuff my face” moment.

Plus, this year, every bag will get extra items honoring notable artists’ personal styles, from Bruce Springsteen’s working-class male to Eminem’s urban chic:

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN The Boss has inspired gift certificates for Harley lessons (valued at $1,200) and training at the Richard Petty Driving Experience (it’s sort of like sleep-away camp for aspiring NASCAR drivers).

FAITH HILL For the female pop star in everyone, there’s a set of $240 sterling silver bracelets by Whirly Girls and a reasonably priced $58 handbag by The Sak — perfect for toting all those Grammys around at after-parties. (Norah Jones, are you listening?)

EMINEM The controversial rapper’s contribution is a blue velour sweat suit by Akademiks and an Outkast baseball jacket. ”[The velour suit] is for the more urban person — or people who ASPIRE to be more urban,” says Assets cofounder Lash Fary. ”It could be that Bette Midlerlikes hanging out in a velour sweat suit when she’s at home, though — you never know.”

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