Trivia About “Come Up and See Me Sometime”


Slow news day…first off…not sure who took the original pic of this, but the scan is by BaltoBoy…and I just love it. I’m hoping to feature some of his stuff soon, once I get my act together….hope it’s in this lifetime:-)

Anyway, one of the songs that I have playing in the jukebox was an old number performed by Mae West. If my memory serves me correctly this was one of the few times Bette performed the song…it may have been the last. Supposedly, Mae West slapped Bette with a “cease and desist” on the song. Maybe Bette performed it too well…I don’t know, but it makes for interesting bit of trivia and adds a little historical importance to the clip…I know I was excited when I got it…totally unexpected…

Love, Mister D

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