New Songs Are Up: Wanna Dance? Let’s Disco!!! Starts off beautifully then goes into some remixes of some of Bette’s more upbeat material…don’t listen to them right before you go to bed because you won’t be able to fall asleep!

Put up a New Section: In Print-Books and Articles. This will be a section that grows weekly…haven’t quite decided how I will do this yet, but enjoy as I experiment…

Added a new staff member: Moronica, the Bootlicking Turkey (she’s a mixture of names that I’ve been called-don’t hate her because she’s of mixed terminology). She will handle the small percent of hateful comments that comes over the internet. She says she can smell, hear, and spot another turkey a mile away. But she’s the kindest, gentlest turkey you’ll ever meet. Since the majority of mail is positive, she will bide her time outside eating acorns and drinking rain…all the while keepin’ an eye out for the man with a gun…she is not looking forward to being a feast, ya dig? That’s why she got this thankless job….so be kind…

The Polls for favorite soundtrack are still going with The Rose, Divine Madness, and Beaches in the lead…very close race here. So if you haven’t voted — do so…this poll will close Sunday night…

Still no word of Bette on the Caroline Rhea Show…everybody keep your ears and eyes open concerning this….it’s your Divine Duty…

And this from Darrell at Bette On The Boards: “added some pics from David Frost and Vegetable Soup and added the song directory with the songs from the Cher Special, and added those Songs For The New Depression reviews”

So check both sites out…lots of stuff to keep you busy away from the important stuff you should be doing:-)

Don’t forget to get your Bette paper dolls…how cool and gay is that????!!!!
Dover Publications Just type Bette’s name in the search engine and the book should come up…includes other celebrities, too. Thanks must go to Penske for this fun find!!!

Everyone…Have A Great Weekend

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