Weekly Update Before I Switch Nights


See this picture? That’s how feel now when I get home from work on Friday night…I’m tired, I’m worn out, the noise of the day is pounding in my head…and I reach out my fingers toward the keyboard…I’m so fitutzed I wish I were dead….SO…with that…my updates will start happening on Sunday nights instead of Friday nights.

However, I did go ahead and put up new songs….also, I’d like to point out that a lot of times I have links where the songwriters names are so you can see their lyrics sometime, but mostly I try to find links to their sites or something about them…so if you’d like to learn a little about the songwriters whom Miss M covers, please check the links once in awhile…you might find that you want to learn more about them…Anyway…these songs will stay up until next Sunday so I can coordinate all the updates then…thanks for your patience..,

There’s also the new trivia section…same old stuff but with pretty new colors…I hope to add new things to it…I’d like to thank Darrell and Steve for their help…altho they may not want their name associated with this particular page…it’s kind of gawdy…

Also please check out the new Books and Magazines Page…lots of reading material….

Looks like the Harlette page will be coming to fruition soon….they’ve been coming since I started this stupid site…hope the girls are satiated…eeewww….low one…

That’s enough because you will probably get an update this Sunday but without new music since I already put that up….

Also don’t forget to vote in the new poll….looks like there’s a dead heat run between people wanting Bette to record “Mary” and “My Forgotten Man”…they are leaving the other songs in the dust!!!!

Also remember to sign Darrell’s position either on my page or his….we want those songs released…if you know any sourpusses who haven’t voted because they are dad-gum cynical…kick ’em in the ass for Mister D and D Junior:-)

Anyway, be sure to always visit my homey’s site: http://www.betteontheboards.com

Take care everybody….Mister D

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