New Poll is Up, Results From Last Poll

Mister D, little ole me, really screwed up on getting those of you who participated in the poll for last week the accurate votes…I erased the numbers before copying them down….however, I remember the Top 4 in order of the results … I was quite surprised at the dead heat race between “Mary” and “My Forgotten Man” … it’s like “old school” Bette vs. “new generation” Bette … great to see the competition:-) The poll was for what song that Bette has performed live, should she record…..But in order, the winners were:

1. Mary (by 3 votes)
2. My Forgotten Man
3. For Free
4. It Should’ve Been Me

The New Poll Is Up: Which Recorded Song Should Bette Perform Live In Concert For The First Time?

I know there can be some technicalities here…yes, she has sung some of these at benefits, TV shows, whatever….well, tough…I’m talking about on tour…

As I said before, updates will fall on Sunday from now on…since I already changed out songs and updated you on Friday…not much is different…

I did add a little ‘quips and quotes’ link to the page…same ole same ole, but that’s where I will store my quotes that I like from Bette along side the standard ones we all know…

Still working on the Harlettes page…much harder than I thought…where did some of these gals go?

Love, Mister D

Learn to laugh at yourself as well as those that are laughing at you:-)

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