Updates for 04/07/03

Howdy from Nashville

New Music Up: Big Fat PLanetary Love? — Hey, I just make this shit up. Anyway, that’s the update on the Jukebox….

The songwriters and singers featured on the new Bootleg Betty Records section are:

Barry Manilow singing ‘Friends’
Phoebe Snow — I Don’t Want the Night To End
The Boomers — To Comfort You
Bonnie Tyler singing ‘Married Men’

Remember I try to make links to all the songwriters and to some of the singers…so try to make the effort to at least learn about those that write the songs you love so much…as for some of the others singers featured…just have fun and make your own judgements…

Poll Results: With Which Co-Star Did You See Sparks Fly With Bette On-Screen?

1. Dennis Farina (24 votes) Absolutly the runaway winner
2. Still Waiting (9) These people have seen no sparks:-(
3. Frederic Forrest (8)
4. James Caan (4)
5. Alan Bates and John Goodman (tie at 2)
6. Nick Nolte, Richard Dreyfus, and other (tie at 1)
7. Ken Wahl (0 votes)…a loser is a loser is a loser:-(

Be sure to vote on the new poll: With Which Female Co-Star Did Bette Have Great On-Screen Chemistry?

The new Harlette section is up but not nearly finished. I have to thank Darrell for taking the picture I wanted to use and then came up with an incredible design…and thanks to Snook for taking half the Harlettes and writing and editing her own stuff…I cheated and copy/pasted:-) There are some missing Harlettes…Gail Kantor, Fran Eisenburg, and Paulette McWilliams. Also it’s very hard finding up to date info, any info, and/or pics on some of these gals…Snook was lucky enough to have somecontact with Melanie Taylor…if anybody can provide info or pics on some of the others that would be great…

The way things look now Bette is still scheduled to tour starting in Sept., but all is still negotiable. All I know is she’s on the books again and Atlanta is penciled in for some time in December…..let’s hope there’s some product coming out, too, but so far, on that end…there is nothing planned. How bout a remake of that old Freda Payne song: “Bring the Boys Home”…I’m almost positive Bette sang it before….

As always Darrell, check out Darrell’s incomparable site: www.betteontheboards.com

Darrell hasn’t said anything yet, so I will. He heard back from Ahmet Ertegun concerning the Bette petition and he is very interested and stated that he was going to talk to Bette about it. It would be really nice to get more people’s names on this petition….430 signatures is too embarrassing to turn in…so how bout everybody networking and get this thing off the ground. Maybe moderators from the Bette board could send out a mass e-mail….other webmasters should get with the program and put the link on their pages…those that are in newsgroups or webrings could get the word out too…

Thanks to those that have signed the petition so far. If you can get friends to sign, families to sign, whatever…just do it…

That’s all for now….much love, Mister D

P.S. Babydivine (Jane)….congrats on landing one:-) NOOOO…not a plane, folk, a MAN!!!!….

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