Updates: 05-04-03

New Movie, New Record, New Tour, New TV Appearance….well what else is a new!!!!?????…LOL

Well, I’m sure everyone is buzzing about all this stuff. She really comes back with a bang, doesn’t she? Well, ain’t that always the way….

I will be making some pages for these new events in due time. Right now I’m stuck in Nashville Film Festival week mode….WeLL!!! Oprah was HERE!!!!:-)

Anywho….all the customary updates have been made…hope you enjoy. I tacked on some edits Carl noticed from the Seinfeld episode. Just go to the Seinfeld script and scroll towards the bottom in “Books and Articles”.

The poll results showed that the majority of you liked Bette’s cameo in “Get Shorty” by a long shot with “The Nanny” closing in on second place…..you can view the full results in the voting booth…..

The new one is hard….you’ll just have to check it out….

Darrell has some new pages up on Bette on the Boards….a new concert added and magazine interviews which are old and fabulous!!!

I’m in a rush, so just come here and have fun…I’ll be keeping you updated as much as possible on all the new events…

Love, Mister D

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