Don’t Read This If You Haven’t Seen Caroline:-)

Bette was on Caroline after all…I’ll just briefly describe what happened:

1. Came out limping…seems she fell in a pothole and hurt herself
2. Talked about NYRP and Ground Force and her upcoming picnic in June
3. There was talk about Sally Field and the Oscar that Bette was robbed of…very funny segment….used throughout the show….
4. Yes, she mentioned Stepford Wives…to start filming in June…
5. Yes, she’s making a CD with Barry Manilow: a tribute to Rosemary Clooney
6. Talk of Hairspray and who the real investor was:-)
7. Yes, there is a new tour…a big one…starts in November as reported will be called the “Kiss My Brass” Tour…at least tentively:-)
8. Cute segment with Caroline and Bette playing around with BWBB….

Those who haven’t seen it yet: ENJOY!!!!! Very cute show and she was very “on” and upbeat…

Love, Mister D

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