Oh MY I Got A Friend!!!! Someone Shares!!!!


Mister D: I love you Kris!!!! Oh and I found another picture…this one is better!!

Hey everyone…it’s Kris Wilhite and I just got back from New York City. I attended Bette’s spring picnic. First off, there were no huge celebrities there except Bette. The guy in the picture with Bette was a juggler there to entertain. Bette visited every table (including ours) and chatted. I tried to grill her about the tour but she was just kind of humoring me when she answered my questions…promising she’d sing every song I suggested. She did say she’d be singing some rock which is awesome! She also promised the show would be “good.” She was very tight lipped about the Stepford Wives…didn’t elaborate a bit on that topic. She also said my partner Randy and I looked a bit “drunk.” Well what are you going to do…all that free champagne?!

I have the gene to share…so I did! I have my photos of Randy, Bette and me but I won’t be able to scan and send those until later…I don’t have access to the equipment and I’m not very computer literate.

Thanks for letting me share…and I will check out the Bruce site!

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