For Your Enjoyment or Torture…Whichever Applies….:-)


Some of my closer friends know that I haven’t played/sang/recorded at all in almost a year. For about 6-8 months I lost a good part of feeling in my right leg…the docs called it “dropfoot”….which sounds silly, but it was quite scary….had to wear a brace and crutches and it didn’t look like I’d be able to use the leg much….that’s when I really became active with my Bette page and …and stopped playing music….

Anyway, miraculously, watching the debut episode of The Anna Nicole show chnaged all of that…the show and star were so horrific it caused convulsions in my leg….about 2 weeks later I was walking without the help of anything and getting as far away from the TV set as possible:-) However, I couldn’t break the bad habit of sitting in front of a computer day and night But now I’m at a place on Bette’s page and Bruce’s where time isnt a big factor anymore, so I set my sites on playing/singing/recording again….

Darrell Redmond (Bette on the Boards) has been begging me to record “Shiver Me Timbers” written by Tom Waits, so this is for him. I have to thank Barry and Darrell for getting me off my ass!!!! Oh and Anna Nicole!!! …LOL Hope ya’ll like:

Shiver Me Timbers
(Dedicated to Darrell Redmond)

written by: Tom Waits
performed by: Mister D
piano/accordion/vocal: Mister D
producer: Barry

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