Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: A Message from Mister D


Dear BLB Readers:

First off, I just want to thank all of you that have become faithful readers and have made this site such a success. Words can not do justice to how that makes me feel. However, with some regret, I do have to make some changes to the page.

When I started Bootleg Betty, let’s just say I had the time to put a lot of effort into the project (remember the drop foot…Oy) …it will be a year in October. Can you believe it??? But I’ll just get to the point…:-)

In order to keep Bootleg Betty alive and kicking, I have to make some changes that give me the option of more time to do other things….like working on my music, socializing off-line, getting back to nature….that kind of crap…LOL From Bootleg Betty awesome things have started to happen…first there is my Bruce page, and now I’m getting bona fide offers (paid ones) to work on other sites and projects as well….so you can see how my time is getting crunched….

In short, I have gotten rid of the comments section of the posts. Not many people used it, but they do appear in the search engines which I don’t like…they are all over the place…so I get comments mailed to me from things I posted months ago on topics I can’t even remember. Well, I just can’t keep up with that. Therefore, if you want to comment on a topic, I am setting up a Yahoo Group…there you can expound on BLB content or maybe you would like to explain why you voted a certain way on the BLB polls. I can drop in when possible and participate if need be….I have not decided on a name yet, but it should be up over the weekend. This group is for you guys….if it’s too much trouble, then my feelings aren’t going to be hurt if you don’t join. You can take the topics to the Official Bette Group (I have dropped out of that group…priorities, priorities!!!). But this way I won’t have to answer every single comment that comes through individually which will save me time. And forming my own group let’s me stay focused on the information and topics I present on BLB….and I’ll be able to answer questions in one fell swoop, sometimes

I love hearing from you guys and gals….most of you write e-mails and I treasure that more than you know. I’ve always tried to answer your e-mails on the same day they were sent , but that may not be possible anymore. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back from me in a few days. If they are just basic questions, you may want to take them to the group at the official board or the one I set up….usually someone will know the answer.

So I guess it boils down to me feeling guilty about not being able to keep up with e-mails and comments….do I hear a violin playing???:-) I will try my best to stay present. It was either this or I was going to have to take Miss Bootleg down…I’d rather try this option. So I hope you understand.

The Music may be updated on a less routine basis…sometimes I may not be able to even update every other week. However, I will always have something for you to read (the almost daily weblog will stay intact). And anytime I have important news or new music, I will surely send an e-mail to the ones who subscribe…

Hopefully, you ladies and germs understand what I mean thru all my rambling. I am so thankful for the turnout and support for BLB…I’m just trying to keep it going as well as myself….

Thank you for taking the time to read or listen. I will have links up to the discussion group hopefully by the weekend. Feel free to be comfortble there…I will try to drop in at least once or twice daily….

Much love,

Mister D

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