Midler Matter Group: Too Much Trouble…


That idea was worse than what i was doing already and seemed like I would be doubling my work.

I apologize to those who went to the trouble to join, but I really did appreciate it. The old system was working; I will just have to set my own limits as to when to answer e-mails and comments…please don’t take it personally…it may take a while to get back with you….

So now, everybody go back to whatever group you feel comfortable with and pray to God above I don’t have another brainstorm like that. If I do please stop me:-)

Anybody that knows me will see this as absolutely normal for me. For some this will just play into their wicked little minds of how they perceive me…and to both of them I say….have a heyday talking about me:-)

See ya’ll on the flip side….

Love, Mister D

P.S. And yes, Midler Matters! I just couldn’t let Darrell’s work on this pic go to waste…

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