Updates: 08-12-03: Bette, Bruce, and Betty Resuscitated!

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The Bootleg Betty Records songwriter and covers section has been updated with performances by Mister D, Lisa Hartman, and Kiki Dee….

Bootleg Betty Jukebox up and running, too…

Bruce Vilanch: Catch him on TV in “Ice Pirates” this month…check local listings. Hairspray tix are also flying out the ticket booth, so be sure to get yours early. I have dates listed at www.wegotbruce.com or you can go to the official site at: www.hairsprayontour.com

Polls are up (4 total)…

Last week’s polls went somewhat like this: You want to see Bette make a sequel to First Wives, Hello Dolly, and a balls out rock and roll CD…kudos to the few that voted for her to get involved in the educational system. Sure needs it….You wanted me to have a message board….still out to lunch on that one…may be just too too much for me to keep up with….Would like to see more people just post their observations on the “official” message board to get it active again…and a third of you said you could give a shit whether I had a message board or not!!!! WELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

Most of you thought “Can I Boogie?” was an asshole question…followed by those of you who thought “honey, my ass is too tired”…and lord knows I can’t think of the other poll…..must be part-timers…anybody remember?

And last but not least…Brandon found out the release date and name of Bette’s new CD: Rosemary for Remembrance…..release date: Sept 30, 2003. I smell a Grammy!

That’s it…sorry for trying to “Off” Betty without your permission! 🙂

Seriously, thanks for all the support

Love, Mister D

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my buddy Darrell’s site…always stuff happening there: www.betteontheboards.com

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