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Pop love songs banned from weddings

Catholic leaders in Kerry have banned popular love songs from being played at weddings.

The My Heart Will Go On theme from the Leonardo di Caprio movie is among a number of songs being barred from marriage ceremonies in the Kerry diocese of the Roman Catholic church.

Also dumped are the Lady in Red and The Wind Beneath my Wings.

Couples in the affected part of south-west Ireland will have to be content with more traditional music, including Ave Maria and Panus Angelicus.

The message has been spelled out to them in a new set of guidelines from Kerry Catholic authorities.

A spokeswoman for the diocesan communications office said popular songs were quite acceptable at wedding receptions and celebrations after the knot had been tied.

But she added: “In the context of the marriage ceremony itself, songs from shows, musicals and pop charts do a disservice.”

The guide is intended to aid couples and those who want music in Co Kerry churches during the ceremonies, according to Padraig McIntyre, director of sacred music in the diocese.

It lists appropriate hymns and makes the point that “instrumental music contributes greatly to the creation of a prayerful atmosphere”, adding that “music and song are meant to draw us into the mystery of God’s love.

“All hymns and songs should be scripturally based, reflecting the richness of the sacrament in which Christ is present.”

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