Updates: 08-27-03: A “Fair and Balanced Dose of the Divine!


Well, there’s plenty of news and music to write about…..

Is there trouble on the set of The Stepford Wives? who knows?
Will Bette be going a mini-tour with Barry Manilow? I don’t know
What’s the 411 on the song list for Bette’s new CD? yes, we know

New Music includes covers of Bette songs by Rasputina (3 girls on cello), Kirsty MacColl, and Betty Hutton…plus links to familarize you with them…

The Jukebox has songs that hit the top of my last poll…

Speaking of Polls….new ones are up, so start voting…

Don’t forget to check out www.wegotbruce.com: finally got some photos up and have even started working on the theme song…I hope I can get it the way it sounds in my head…

Don’t forget to check www.betteontheboards.com: Darrell has a new article up from Photoplay…and interesting read…

And take a gander at Bruno’s site makeover: www.bettemidlersroses.cjb.net

I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but you’ll find it I’m sure….

Special thanks to Kathy from the Rosemary Clooney Palladium for the detailed info on Bette’s new CD: Rosemary for Remembrance

Love, Mister D

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