What Is Going On With This Movie Set…LOL

Mister D: I guess politics, temper tantrums, sickness is everywhere…not just Bette Boards:-) I kid…there is warmth to be found there, too. But this set seems erratic or the information seems erratic….oh well, from tomorrow’s edition of NYP Page 6….

SCOTT Rudin is innocent – at least in this case. It looked like the volcanic movie producer was using Nicole Kidman to settle a year-old grudge with Harvey Weinstein. Folks at the Venice Film fest were that buzzing Kidman had pulled out of Miramax’s “The Human Stain” premiere at the last minute on orders from Rudin, for whom she’s working on “The Stepford Wives.” Sources say Rudin has had it in for Weinstein ever since he omitted “The Hours” – which Rudin produced and Miramax distributed – from last year’s fest. But Rudin’s rep explains that Kidman made up her own mind, declining to miss two days of shooting to fly from New York to Venice and back. “Scott has been very helpful,” says Weinstein. “We worked things out for Nicole to be in Toronto for the screening this weekend.”

You were right Darrell….And Nicole is supposed to finish Stepford Wives’ tomorrow???? Good luck with the jet lag, sweetheart

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