Updates and Tid-Bettes….

Mister D fell asleep after listening to Bette’s new CD over and over again…drunken from too much of a good thang….so does everybody like the new CD???? LOL Okay, I gotta go to bed but:

Bette is supposed to be on Access Hollywood tomorrow…check your local listings (!!) Thank you Tammy for the alert!

Don’t forget the second part of the Today show’s segment with Bette performing live in the plaza with guest, Barry Manilow….where the 2 BM’s will let loose on the stage…(sorry, had to go there:-)) This should be a real treat. Those that get to go, please send pics or at least share them with a friend or two…

Keep checking out Bette’s new official site for more news and details about the tour….I have a link at the top of the page…

Nicola alerted me to this….Mariah Carey’s loosely-based homage to “The Rose” in her video for the song “Bringing on the Heartache” (remember the old Def Leppard song)….yeah, it’s for real. Go to Launch.com. You’ll have to endure a commercial for McDonald’s first and then some bad acting and a bad version of the song…but at least she was thinking about Bette and admitted it, for all it’s worth.

Hope everybody is enjoying themselves with the new CD and all the upcoming events….it’s about time:-)

Love, Mister D

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