Musical Director of Touring “Hairspray” Contributes To ‘We Got Bruce’: Mr. Jim Vukovich


Photo of Musical Director/Conductor:
Jim Vukovich

Mister D: I’ve had some e-mail correspondense with the musical director/conductor of the touring version of “Hairspray” and he kindly caved in to my begging on keeping us all updated about the show as it travels across the states. He already has sent me a little story about some mishaps that happened opening night in Boston and the clever way in which Mister Vilanch brought the house down with some spur of the moment ad-libs…this should be a quality addition to “We Got Bruce”.

And don’t fool yourselves…Mister V is still the main comedy writer for Bette’s tour…he’s just having to do what women have been doing for decades….multi-tasking:-)

Anyway ladies and gay dudes:-)…. I don’t ever think I’ve seen a musical director that is pure eye candy….but also chock full of talent (if and when you see the show you will realize how good he is)….you should see this guys resume…anyway, I have a link here to the news page of my Bruce site and I have a link to Mr. Vukovich’s web page as well at the top of the page….

Love, Mister D

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