More, More More…Bette in “More” Magazine…Thank you Lora!!!!


Photo: Carlo Dalla Chiesa

Mister D: Since I couldn’t find this dang magazine yet, I asked Lora from the Bette Boards to please give me a brief run through for those of us who can’t find or for you overseas fans who won’t get it. She kindly obliged and it is greatly appreciated…stuff in italics are me…

Bette talks a bit about her garden, showing the interviewer a few of the things that she grows. They mention the album and the movie, and of it Bette says, “I have high hopes for it.”

She discusses the TV show, calling the experience “unbearable”. She just didn’t like the atmosphere and the pressure to be “funny every single week”. Then, of course, there’s a briefing on her background.

Bette later says, “When you’re in your twenties, you go to rock shows; when you’re in your thirties, you go to dinner. It starts, and that’s it; you just keep on going.” She says that both Martin and Sophie love to cook, and that’s why they have the huge two-level garden.

Also, they own a piece of land out in the country that they were going to build on, but after 9/11 Bette just wasn’ t in the mood. So now they take drives out to their land and watch the birds.

And the very last thing they talk about in the article are us! The fans! (And how much they love Mister D and Lora!:-)

“I’ve had bad patches,” Bette says. “But I don’t have enough of them to get the major sympathy vote. I get, like, ‘Oh, she’ll pull through – she’ll be okay.’ The public, they don’t really worry about me. They know I’m a survivor.”

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