Please Read: Last Minute Idea to Send Message to Bette

As I wrote yesterday, I am now in NYC for Hulaween, albeit very ill with a sinus infection. However, due to my own Dr Feelgood, hopefully I should be just fine by tomorrow night in time for the festivities. Even if something should happen that I can’t make it, Barry will, along with Snook and Lady Puffy….

To the point: I have a gift basket that will be given to Miss M with assorted little goodies that lean toward the personal and just rather earthy and cute. In the basket I will have a fairly nice check to contibute to Bette on behalf of Bootleg Betty and the readers. I had someone send me a nice e-mail from Brazil to present to Bette just thanking her, showing appreciation, and also encouragement on her new tour. I thought how nice it would be to collect an envelope full of small e-mails of appreciation and encouragement to go along with the donation….SO…

If any of you would like to write something please do so by noon tomorrow, New York Time,…..Barry has found a way for us to print stuff out. Just make it short and sweet…no questions, since she won;t be able to answer them anyway…just apprecialtions, thank you’s, and good lucks:-) And then sign your name and where you are from…..I think it would be really nice to hear from some of the non-USA fans…let her know how much she is appreciated on other soils:-)

These people I would like to hear from for sure (putting you on the spot):-) Bev, Darrell, Irini, Sara and the Divine Dutchies, Thomas, Marcos, Nicola…the list goes on….and of course all the USA Fans:-)

This is just a thought and a way for you to be heard. I may not meet Ms. M but I can watch as security takes her the gift basket towards her door…

Remember this is just an idea…so participate if you want….

Just e-mail me at :

Cross your fingers that this works:-)

Love, Mister D

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