Updates: 11-07-03

New Music, New Polls, Hulaween page…I bleed for you!!! How I want to deserve you!:-)

Last Weeks Polls results:

The majority of people would like to see Bette on the cover of People and all I can say is “What the hell wrong is with you people!!!!?????” That’s so mediocre…I’d go for something a little hipper…but that’s me..:-)

Most of you would rather see Miss M perform in smaller theatres again or your living room ( maybe you can get her to dust while she sings a ballad)

An overwhelming majority said they would try to meet Miss M if they went to Hulaween (hope you have better luck than I did…and not freeze solid while she stands in front of you)

It was pretty even on what to wear to Hulaween….the number one answer was I’ll wear what I want … I spent big bucks:-) Followed by Black Tie and then Costume….

The new poll is a little more interactive….you have to listen to some music:-)

Bette should be in LA now rehearsing for the tour…I believe her part in SW has been finished….the rest of the cast should be through by the end of this week…

Bette’s album is still in the Top 40…now if we could get her on some TV shows to promote it…that would be a clincher…

Mister V is still knocking ’em dead in Hairspray and seems to be finding his niche with the role…he is also brainstorming with Miss M by phone for her new tour…the guy is omnipotent….you can catch up on his latest news at my other site: www.wegotbruce.com

Be sure to check out my Hulaween page if you haven’t yet…it was a wonderful evening for all those present…

Love, Mister D

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