Kiss MY Brass Ticket Updates : Itinerary Changes…

The North Carolina and South Carolina Dates for Dec 27 and Dec 29 are no longer scheduled…at this time I don’t know if they will be rescheduled or not. Just keep your eyes and ears open. And for those of you who were planning on those dates, I feel your pain…honestly. Hopefully they will pop back up on the schedule…if you don;t want to take that chance…nows the time to be deciding where your alternatives lie….

Wilkes-Barr PA (Wachovia) and Hershey (Giants), PA have replaced those dates respectfully….tickets to the general public go on sale Mon Nov 17….presales on both start Friday the 14th at 10:00. You may want to call the venues to find out the details….

To Look at the schedule so far, please visit my tour page:

Good luck to everyone…get those seats!

Love, Mister D

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