UpDates: November 22, 2003

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Photo: Barbara Sussman

Well, there’s new music up in both the BootlegBetty Jukebox and BootlegBetty Records sections. Check them out and remember to read about the songwriters and learn a little of their history…without them we wouldn’t have most of Bette’s divine musical interpretations….

I’m going back to changing polls to putting up one poll at a time…it’s too hard coming up with 4 every update….each time I update a new poll question will go up and one will come down….the others will stay open til it’s their time to fall off…..

The result of the poll: Will You Be Able To Attend One Of Bette’s Concert Dates?
Approximately 75% of you said Yes, with about 15% saying only if she comes overseas…So now check out the new one and vote on the other 3 if you haven’t already….

Bette will be making a couple of appearances this week:

Jay Leno: 11/25/03
Ellen Degeneres: 11/26/03
Larry KIng Live: 11/26/03

The latter is not confirmed, but Terri from www.experiencethedivine.com found it listed on Columbia Records website….we’ll just have to wait and see…

Also note that Bette will perform on Barry Manilow’s Christmas special December 5th on A & E…so that’s something to look forward to…Look for sales to go platinum on her new CD after this media blitz…and just in time for her tour:-)

Stepford Wives is a wrap…I’m sure all are glad:-)

And Sunday November 23 (tomorrow) is Mister V’s Birthday. If you can take a minute…please send me via e-mail a birthday wish for him. Doesn’t cost anything but a second or a minute of your time….He has put countless smiles on our faces through Bette, the majority of hollywood stars, and in his own right. Not only that he has devoted many hours and years to charities. It would be nice to give him a little something back…

Thanks for hanging in here with me and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat as much as you want and don’t feel guilty in the least!

Love, Mister D

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