Bette’s Old Manager, Aaron Russo, Runs for President

Aaron Russo (California)

Colorful and wealthy Hollywood movie producer Aaron Russo has flirted with political runs for office in recent years. Although a longtime supporter of the Libertarian Party, he ran as a candidate for Nevada Governor in the 1998 Republican primary (garnering a decent 26% in the four-way race). Russo announced a second run in 2002 for Nevada Governor as the Libertarian Party candidate, but quit the race when he was diagnosed with cancer. Now, after cancer treatments, Russo is making an Independent run for President in 2004. In Hollywood, Russo produced such blockbusters as The Rose (1979) and Trading Places (1983) during his Hollywood career. All in all, his movies earned six Oscars and two Golden Globe awards. As in his past runs, his strong support for legalizing medical marijuana is likely to be a top concern. However, his central focus is what he decries is a post 9-11 reduction of individual freedom in the US. “We’re being deceived, suckered into this indoctrination of the federal government

I can’t make this stuff up….thanks to Sara, The Divine Nanny, for this tidbit…

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