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Photo: Ms. Barbara Sussman

Bette has a 2 page interview in the latest edition of the Advocate, called “Bette’s Big Brass” where she talks about her new CD, her new tour, a little Britney, a little Xtina, a little Madonna, “that kiss”, and would she pull that stunt?

Well, you’ll have to get the magazine for that answer….but you can guess what the answer is…:-)

She pushes the South Beach diet and says she is thin, but not fit….meaning her “wind isn’t up to what it ought to be.”

No messages with this new tour, but she is hoping that people will leave with a “sense of eternal summer and that happy days lie ahead.”

She feels that “The Stepford Wives” is going to be a “humongous hit.” She said she played her robotic version the first day on the set.

**Note to a certain group of people: Bette states “I love teasing and sending things up. People need to do it….”

She states that when everybody got up dancing when she and Donna Summer sang “Hot Stuff” , “it was a dream come true.” She loved the energy that was unleashed….and to think, I helped…LOL

That wraps it up….

For Full Artcle: Bette’s Big Brass

Love, Mister D

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