I’m Swamped!!!

If you have written me while I was in Chicago and now afterwards, please be patient…I will try to get back with everyone but I am swamped with my “real” work….yes, there is a price to being The Divine Mister D…LOL

Now that I am old (er) it takes much more time for me to recuperate on a slam bam trip like this one. Richie…if you’re reading thank you so much for keeping me company and keeping me amused. I just loved you to death…

I have tried to post on the Yahoo Groups, but only a couple of my messages have gone through…it must be overloaded. Brian…you wrote an excellent review…sorry I missed you…again…this was a surprise for me from Barry…go figure….he just wanted a day of silence:-)

Love, Mister D

PS: I’ll be back up to snuff by the weekend…

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