Behind the Scenes with Moronica: The BootLicking Turkey!


Hey Everybody….it’s me again, Moronica. Mister D sent me on a special assignment to get a bird’s eye view of the Kiss My Brass road tour. And boy has it been tough. I scratched, clawed, and pecked to get my position as Delores’s fish pail carrier…and it’s not an easy job, especially if you just have wings for arms…and she is one scaly broad! I guess I fit in with the Delores freak show segment, cause, after all, I am a moronic turkey who licks boots and talks…how much more freakish can one get??? Anyway, it’s not so bad….Delores thinks I’m plucky! But enough about Delores…you want to know about Bette. That’s where my friend, Mister Otis, comes in…when we aren’t fetching pails of chum for the mermaids, we talk about the show….

Here’s what I have feathered about the song list….For this tour, “Mambo Italiano” was never an option. In fowl language…that means the song never even made it to the rehearsal stage…so all can forget about hearing this on the tour. Yes, disappointing….

Two songs that were rehearsed, but were finally dropped, were “In These Shoes” and “Stay With Me”. Supposedly the band is really keen on playing “Shoes”, so don’t let it goose your gander too much if it is added later on. The probability of “Stay With Me” being gobbled out is small, but it helps my addled brain to know that “Midnight in Memphis” may be added as an encore….AND that’s something to gobble home about….

Me and Mister Otis have to sponge bathe Miss Delores now…until next time…

Love, Moronica: The BootLicking Turkey…

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