BLB Updates: 12-21-03

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Photo: Barbara Sussman

I put up a few new songs in the BLB Jukebox….left the Christmas-y ones in:-)

New Music in the BLB Cover records, too….featuring songs Bette is singing in her show…Sammy Hagar, Julie Gold, and Brenda Lee…as a bonus track I added my version of “Hello in There”….yikes!

There are a couple of new polls up. The results of the 2 that have been closed are:

1.) Of These Songs Bette Passed Over Which Do You Wish She Would Have Recorded?

It Should Have Been Me 41.7%
Someone That I Used To Love 22.1%
Blue 21.5%
Gee Whiz 14.7%

2.) Of The Duets (or Vocal Groups) Bette Has Recorded Which Is Your All Time Favorite?

On A Slow Boat To China with Barry Manilow 45.2%
Sisters with Linda Ronstadt 22.6%
I Never Talk To Strangers with Tom Waits 9.3%
Buckets of Rain with Bob Dylan 8.5%
Up Up Up with Manhattan Transfer 6.9%
Gonna Take A Miracle with Manhattan Transfer 5.2%
Strike It While It’s Hot with Dan Hicks 2.4%

Plus, I have reviews up from every city, some pictures, some interviews, and Bette’s advice to Nicole Kidman on being the “hot topic”.

The reviews so far are smashing, so congrats to Bette, Bruce Vilanch, and Eric Kornfeld for writing this beautiful show. And of course kudos to the band and the new Harlettes, and all those who work behind the scenes….This show is a crowd-pleaser…

In case, I have no new updated before Christmas….Happy Holidays to everyone. May they be filled with nothing but joy and good tidings…

Love, Mister D

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