2 New Polls Are Up…

Just put up 2 new polls that are concert-related…think your answer through before jumping at a decision.

The results of the 2 polls that just went down were:

Your favorite appearance of Bette’s last year was the Jay Leno Show, followed closely behind by Ellen. Larry King came in 3rd. The View was obviously not “viewed”…:-)

Which of these old horn laden tunes would you like to hear Bette unearth on her new brassy tour?

The big winner was “Stuff Like That There” followed by Midnight in Memphis and When A Man Loves A Woman….but lordy, at the time of the poll we had no idea she was gonna be doing a balls out version of “Keep On Rockin”….that’s a keeper!

Anyway, don’t forget to vote…I’m hoping this will also stimulate people to vote in the presidential election…LOL You’ll be primed for polls!!!

Love, Mister D

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