KMB Review: Madison Square Garden – Thank you Jonathan!


Photo: Da Vi

Jonathan Jones, Madison Square Garden

I attended the show two weeks ago at Nassau Colliseum and tonight at Madison Square Garden. She perfromed two songs she didn’t perform last time – the Rosemary Clooney tribute in Nassue consisted only of “Tenderly”. Tonight, she performed “Hey There” and then “Tenderly”. Next, she performed “Chapel of Love”, followed by “(That’s How) Heartaches are Made”.

The most surprising change in the show (besides the fact that Her husband and Soph were sitting ten feet away from me [along with Toni Basil, Joan Collins and Calvin Klein]) is that the Tour Book has been changed entirely. The only thing that is the same about it is the cover, the two page spread showing pictures from her films and the two page spread of “September”. All the text about Delores is gone. All the fun text in the front with the cool fonts and everything with the lyrics to “Kiss My Brass” is gone. It’s all been relaced with images from the tour.

Akh! They’ve changed the text in the pics from the films too. In the old one, I believe it just had captions explaining where the pictures where from (My Mom has the old one – so I can’t check it now). In the new version, there is a blank box that has a caption for “The Stepford Wives” and there are also quotes about the other pictures:

For the Boys: After this shot – lunch.

The First Wives Club: A rare, but successful, excursion into the world of brunette living.

Some People’s Lives: A production still from my screen test for the Kate Winslet rols in Titanic.

Hocus Pocus: I loved Winnie. She cast spells and flew around on a vaccuum cleaner. Nirvana!

The Rose: I dropped dead right after singing this number. Top that, Sally!

Gypsy: Something Bob Mackie whipped up for Rose to wear at one of Baby June’s auditions. The fur came from the fox Lucille Ball caught in Mame.

Ruthless People: And the pounds just melted off!

Stella: I really should have read the script.

Isn’t She Great: Another excursion into brunette living, somewhat les successful. This is one of Jackie’s eighty-seven costume changes, each nuttier then the last.

Down & Out in Beverly Hills: Two great even-tempered actors with very boring reputations.

The stills from the tour are amazing – but I want the old version too!!

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