BLB Updates: 02-01-04


Check out the BLB JukeBox and BLB Records…all new music….the covers section is kind of cool…I found a couple of songs Bette is covering in her Kiss My Brass tour that has been recorded before by the group Blue Magic and on an import by Bonnie Tyler….those that have been to the KMB tour will recognize them from a certain act in the show. The other 2 selections are by the sultry-voiced Dusty Springfield and my own “unique take” on Shiver Me Timbers!:-)

Two new polls are up and 2 just concluded. The results of the polls that just fell off are:

1. If I Had My Choice I’d Rather Hear Bette Sing Which Arrangement?

From A Distance – Her Traditional Version 68.7%
From A Distance – Her Reggae Version 31.3%

Painting: Sammy Miro

2. If I Had My Druthers I’d Rather Hear Which of These Songs Live?

I Think It’s Going To Rain Today 77.2%
The Perfect Kiss 22.8%

In one way, this shows why Bette sometimes feels a little boxed in. She has said she’d like to experiment, but from this, no one wants to see her fooling with a sure thing 🙂

There are reviews out the tuckas…they span every city so far…so if you haven’t read them…you got a lot of catching up to do…just check out the link at the top of the page. This is a great way to LEARN to read, also:-)

There are also a lot of interviews just in the news section so be sure to scroll through January and December archives as well…

Darrell has put up the TACO JOKE on his site that everybody wants to hear, so get over there and listen to it and then never, ever bring it up again…DAMMIT!

Looks like Bette’s tour will end in Atlantic City on the 20th, but don’t be surprised it she starts back up in “dribs and drabs”… a little inside word says they no nothing of an Australian Date, but there have been a few birds singing about a New Orleans date in April/May….keep your fingers crossed. I think this show MUST go on!!! Was that dramatic enough???:-)

Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl…personally I couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen…that’s why I’m here. Still can’t believe Janet Jackson showed her tit…now she’s sunk to L’il Kim’s level….oh well!

Have a great week!!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: I’d like to thank Linda R. for sending me some photos from Hulaween in 1998….they are in the scrapbook under SPecial Events

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