KMB Review: San Jose

Review by Rich B.
The SouthBay (San Jose) adored her.

Looking like a little girl on a carorsel horse Bette brought the sellout crowd at
the HP Pavilion to it’s feet.

Seated on the 10th row I was able to view the entire spectecale. Starting off with “Kiss My Brass and “Big Noise” she commanded the “Sharks hockey
rink”..”Stuff Like That There” and “Skylark” followed..That was when I realized why the arena is nicknamed “The Shark Tank”. The acoustics are more disigned for Hockey Pucks then Poi Balls and Bette’s vocals.

Judge Judy/Bette TV segment followed…”I’m Sorry”, and “Theme from Bette”, (“nobody loves me but the jews”)of cause hit a cord w/everyone in the crowd, ending with “Friends”

Later, in the second act, in true style (w/ some imput from me), Delores the mermaid referred to “The Shark Tank” as only a mermaid/Bette could. Giving back what the acoustics had taken away from the diva.

The jokes were endless and hysterical sending up everyone from Bush to Larry Elison (who lives in the south bay-silcon valley)..Bette could not resist defining silcon and silacone…Janet and her costume malfunctions, hello!

She did a wonderful “Come On to My House” and “Hey There” but still no “Mambo Italiano”. Do have to wait until Bette hits the tents in the summer?

Next up was “Chapel of Love”, riding around in a swan, with a backdrop screen
showing “hollowood breeding breakups”. Updated constantly, JLo was represented multiple times.

Then the pretty tents, beach scene, and tons of Soph of which “I like to refer as the “2 O’clock joke” particularly stood up/out with me.

Followed in particlular order, “When a man loves a woman”, “Keep On Rockin” ” I think is gonna rain today”, and “Shiver me Timbers’. The horse returns to take Bette back for some rest and intermission.

2nd act

Delores on Bway….and she does a great rendition of “I’m telling you i’m not
going…from Dreamgirls…as well as sendups of Hello Dolly and Chicago.

After the memaid segment, dressed in coutoure, that would make Nicole Kidman envy, Bette is back with the ballads. “Wind Beneath my Wings”, “From a Distance” (standard version), Do you wanna Dance (my personal faaaav-or-ite). Mr. Roger tibute, and September (the order of these songs vary) and her commentary on it being the “dead of winter” really hit home (land secutity)
The winter talk lead to summer, ending the show with “The Rose”

Sorry if the set list is not complete and slightly out of order, but when you have
been a bettehead for 30 years, sometimes ‘partimers’ sets in..


Oakland here i come!

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