From My Friend, Albert: Jeopardy

Mister D: Bette was a category on Jeopardy last week. I never watch the show, because it makes me feel stupider than I already truly am….but dang it, I could have been a genious for a day if I had watched this one!!!! 🙂

“…I don’t know if you caught “Jeopardy” last week or not but during Double Jeopardy they had a category called “Wanna Bette?” and it was all about

It was super simple (easy) for me, I recall the $2000 question had to do with what movie featured the song “Wind Beneath…” and the $1600. was a tougher one, asking for the complete title of “A View From A….” “

Thanks for sending this in Albert…what a hoot!

Love, Mister D

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