On The Road With Moronica: The Walden Benefit


Hi everybody…it’s me Moronica!!!!…I just barely made it back alive from that Walden Benefit….you know those rock stars and how they love their turkey. Thank goodness for the preservation of that wooded area. I was able to hide quite nicely in the brush.

I don’t know why Mister D sends me on these dangerous assignments when he could very well go himself….lord knows he’s been flying every which way lately…and I just don’t buy that “and my arms are getting tired” bit….he’s just a scaredy cat underneath all that bravura!

Anyway, I was to report back on what Miss M sang at the event. Turns out she was the headliner. That woman works really hard…I mean she’s on tour AND doing benefits…word has it she’s even been doing splits!!! No wonder Mister D is so inspired by her…and of course, by his mother, too…

Okay, I’ve gobbled and cackled enough. This is what I heard Ms Midler sing:

She opened with “Stuff Like That There”, and then sang another brassy number that was cut from the Kiss My Brass Show…called “Safronia B” written by Calvin Boze….The Manhattan Transfer sang it on their 1983 album, “Bop Doo-Wopp”. It’s a really old song, but if you’re gonna find it, the Transfer is probably the easiest version to find…

From there she went into her Rosemary Clooney tribute with 3 songs: Come-On-A-My -House, Hey There, and Tenderly…

Then it was time for the Bawdy Stuff with “Pretty Legs” interspersed with the Soph Jokes that we all love and know by heart. I lost a few feathers during that one!!!! (gobble, gobble, cluck, cluck)

For the big finish…she brought her big hits…”From A Distance”, “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and then closing with “The Rose”.

As always, she brought the house down (thank goodness it wasn’t the trees….yowee!!!) But I knew it was my time to scratch and claw my way out of there and back to Tennessee country! It was nice, but I really like being home safe in Mister D’s arms…..even though I’m turkey, and he’s a big chicken. There is a difference ya know….hee hee cluck cluck!!!

Love, Moronica
(The Bootlicking Turkey)

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