BLB Would Like To Say:

Updates coming soon!

Get off the Boards and File your Tax Return! 🙂

Anything on the E! Channel is going to be BAD!, especially if the show starts out with the name “STARLICIOUS!”

No…I will not be going to the Rod Stewart concert. Saw him many times throughout the years (my mentor for microphone acrobatics). Have a good time Missy!

Take the time to read this book, Say Please, Say Thank You by Donald McCullough, a reflection on the scarcity of civility and couteousness so lacking in our culture. I’ve loved hearing Bette touch on this subject…so twue, so twue:-)

Send out prayers, positive thoughts, and healing wishes to Brandon’s brother who’s struggling in the hospital due to a virus that attacked his brain. Latest word is that he is doing much better…let’s all help out…

I love you all…I guess!:-) Thanks for all your support…

Love, Mister D

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