Interesting TidBette From BLB Reader, Teran! (Thanks)

Teran has been a big Bette fan for about half her life, she says, but decided to re-read (?) Mark Bego’s old bio on Bette from 1987, entitiled, Outrageously Divine.

Well, my dears, if you turn to page 16 of the above mentioned book, you’ll find a discussion of Bette’s newfound success with Disney films and her brand new little daughter, Sophie. Okay…well get to the point, Mister D!!!!

Anyhoo, Mr. Bego mentions that Bette has recently said she’d be settling down, and his response to this is…GASP!!!!:

“Has she forsaken her infectious silliness to become one of the Stepford Wives?”

Well…Teran and I found this extremely entertaining and maybe much ado about nothing…but maybe, just maybe….Mr. Bego has a little extra sensory thing going on…(start humming the twighlight zone theme now!!!!!:-)

Thanks Teran…what an interesting and timely find….

Love, Mister D

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