The Kindness of Strangers… (Thank You David!)

Today someone sent me the text that they typed out for the More interview back in November 2003. I know a lot of you were not privy to that and had wanted to read it…

Anyway, I have a nice Canadian friend that I hear from every once in awhile (are Canadians all nice like this? Darrell, Chef Bev, David, Paul…who knew?)…well, my friend, David (FP) enjoyed the W article so much that MacCaire typed up…well he was kind enough to type the More article up…and, no, I didn’t have to ask!!!

Well it’s up and ready to read in the Books and Articles section:

The “More” Magazine Interview

For those who haven’t read it yet, take a gander at MacCaire’s W mag treat:

The “W” Magazine Interview

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