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I just received this email from “Legends Posters” which has sold their business to Wolfgang’s Vault…so be on the lookout for Bette stuff. Of course, there are already items for sale now….but you will probably see some more things popping up, Here is the email I received:

Dear Friends,

I have good news to report – for you and for me. I have sold my business to
Wolfgang’s Vault company effective on May 4, 2004. I am more than pleased with this sale as they are a reputable name in the business.
They recently also purchased all of Bill Graham Enterprises assets so my posters and memorabilia will be in good company. They have committed to
maintaining the strong customer relationships I have developed and to continuing the high level of service.

The good news for you is that they will not only provide the same reliable and prompt service, but your choices for purchase will be greatly enhanced.
They have quality vintage stock and an inventory that is now broader and deeper due to combining their purchases. I think you will be pleased with
their offerings and can rest assured as to quality and reliability.

I truly appreciate your business over the years. I am grateful for the trust you had in me to make the purchases you did, to believe that what you saw
was what would get, to return time and time again. For all of that, I thank you. I am sure you will enjoy the new opportunities this purchase affords. I plan
to do the same! Thanks again.


David Cutter

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