On The Road Again With Moronica: Here We Go Again


Well Moronica has been around the states sticking her beak in places where it shouldn’t be, but gobbling up information for me to regurgitate here…ick!

First up….tentative dates for Bette’s tour have been leaked by reliable, but, at this time, anonymous sources. The next leg of the tour is now official with tentative dates being October 1, 2004 thru December 15th 2004. Also expect a few changes…

I would like to say that we should all keep in mind how the dates kept changing last go round…so keep that in mind. Moronica said she had no idea of what cities were on the route nor did she know if it would be filmed for a special, DVD, or whatever….all we have are these dates!!!!

Moronica also spied on Mister V and noticed that while busy singing and dancing in the hit musical “Hairspray”…by candlelight, afterwards, he is working on his first novel. What type of novel, Moronica does not know…all letters are gibberish to her…she only reads Turkeynese…She posed as a ceramic turkey on his dresser….

On her travels, she also caught Mister Vilanch backstage with 2 Betteheads (Moronica did not know that I had arranged it, so she has nothing over me)…Snook and Julie, aka, Lady Puffy. Unbeknownst to them, Moronica took pictures (she disguised herself as a headdress)…however, they do seem quite posed. Not only that, they met ex-Harlette turned Motormouth Maybelle in “Hairspray”, Charlotte Crossley. I’ll be posting a little about that on We Got Bruce in the next few days…for those who have not seen this show, don’t miss it if it comes near you…just read the reviews on We Got Bruce….

On the Bette front again, Moronica says that we can expect some type of warbling from Ms. Midler in The Stepford Wives. She’s not sure if it;s a song embedded in the movie, end credits, or part of the movie….just expect something musical…LOL I suggest “I Will Follow Him”, only because that is the first thing that popped in my head….


Moronica: The Bootlicking Turkey


Mister D

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