This From The Divine Miss P (Bette in TV Land)

Mister D: This is straight from Miss P’s keyboard to mine. I still have no email…outgoing or incoming….so nobody write until it’s straightened out…I’ll post something. There’s a good chance anything you or I sent is gonna be lost!….:

Hey everyone! Okay here’s the deal- and I can only tell you this because I am such an avid Nick-at-Nite/TV Land viewer… The special is actually on TV Land, NOT Nick-at-Nite, though I’m sure the commercial was on Nick too, since they are like sister channels. It is on at 8pm EST on June 10 and will be episodes of classic sitcoms (like Lucy and Leave it to Beaver and Bewitched) that focus on
the “impossibly perfect” housewife, a la Stepford. These episodes will be hosted by Stepford stars, so I figure they’ll have little clips of them during the commercial breaks…I can’t wait to hear Bette’s take on those sitcom wives!!! And Mister D- I wrote you an email about this, but I know you’re having some email issues right

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