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Mister D: Just thought I’d help a friend out here and promote the hard work she has been doing…and she’s been around since the beginning of all this internet hoopla…and she’a a fetus, too (that’s what I call all these young whipper snappers like Terri and Darrell…barely in their 20’s and running circles around relics, albeit cute ones, like me!) I think it’s a fabulous idea, so Brava Terri and Becca! Anyway, here’s Terri in her own words:

Hi everyone!

Some of you heard that I was working on a new project that, although I was tight-lipped about it, I said would be launched soon! Well, here it is, ‘Dear Bette’ (http://www.dearbette.com), the third site of my bugging “website brood!” 😉

The idea was that of Becca’s…a very loyal and very far-away Bette fan in New Zealand…who is a friend of mine and wanted me to try and bring her idea to life. The idea was to give the fans a place to write letters to Miss M, since
both she and I have seen fans who have written letters but don’t have any place to send them.

So even though we can’t *guarantee* that Bette will see the letters, we would still like to give everyone a place to actually address Miss M, herself. (And you never know what the right advertising could do! 😉 )

So, please check out Dear Bette and let me know what you think! If you enjoy it and think other fans would too, then any “spreading of the word” would be much appreciated!


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Love, Mister D

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