Introducing The New Addition To The BLB Family! :-)


Okay…I know it’s not Bette-related, but it’s my page….lalalalalalaalala!!! 🙂

Anyway, Barry and I adopted another stray cat even though we said 3 was enough…yes, we’re pushovers…so now we have 4 cats: Chaka, Coco, Squeak, and now Bitsy (Miss Jane…as usual I changed my mind about her name after I wrote you…LOL)

I was going to call her Gypsy, but it didn’t fit her personality. This cat is kind of prissy in an uppity Southern way…so I named her after one of my deceased southern aristocratic aunts…:-)

But she is so loving and people-friendly already…this makes 2 that constantly have to be in my lap or watching me type on the computer…so I’m in good company….

So Everybody….meet Bitsy!

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