Still Divine At 49! :=) July 14th, 2004


The above was on my birthday cake today at work and my card read “To age is human, not to show it, absolutley divine…” Well, who am I to argue with that! LOL! Thank you Gina and Rachel. On the down side, I found out I will be able to apply for AARP discounts next year…OY! That’s a reality check for ya…

Thanks to those who remembered my birthday from years past…I don’t know how ya’ll do it, because I’m so bad with dates…so it was a surprise that I heard from anybody. And Darrell, you called me today and I saw you posted a sweet message on Bette on the Boards…and what an appropriate song of the week selection considering the debate in the Senate today…and with you and I being friends…not sure if that was on purpose or not…but it works for me….:-)

This was a fabulous birthday today and it’s just been a fabulous year. Thanks to all of you that read BLB and to those that write me, even if it’s just to say hi, thanks, bye, or bugger off (altho I must tell you that the latter is a mili-fraction, if even that….:-) And if you ever wrote and I never replied, then I didn’t get it…I always always write back, even if to return an insult…my faves!

Okay, I’m a ramblin’ man and it’s been a long day. Sorry no stuff today, but i’ll slowly get back up to form starting tomorrow/tomorrow night….

In the meantime…Playbill FINALLY officially announced Mr. Vilanch was heading to Broadway starting October 5th…so he really did give me first shot at announcing it last week…PUBLICITY 101…so thank you Mister V! He also let me print his exclusive OP ED piece for The Los Angeles Times (subscribers only) about his time on the road with Hairspray…”what are they gonna do, sue you?”

Anywho…if you’d like some reading material tonight…here ya go:

America, seen in a ‘Hairspray’ haze

Thanks again and see ya’ll tomorrow….

Love, Mister D

PS: Sasha…I promise I have not forgotten you…I’ll write you tomorrow…

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