Catching Up!; Thanks Cris, Alisha, and Jan


Mister D: Okay Mom is gone and that ends my week and a half marathon of company. Time to put on my bootleg booties anc try to catch up with things. Bev and Cris…sorry I haven’t written…but ya know my philosophy…if I’m too tired to write…F$%%K IT!!! 🙂

Photo Scan: Thanks Brooke

Cris wrote me about a week ago to tell you lovely ladies and germs that Brazil was promoting “The Stepford Wives” as if it were a Nicole and Bette film, which iapparently is big entertainment news in Brazil, and come to think of it, that would be big news here…LOL So I’m grateful that Bette is getting her due there…and I know Cris is, too!

Jan, from the German persuasion:-), wrote this about the debut:

I just wanted to let you know how the Stepford Wives are doing in Germany. Last thursday a new blockbuster movie opened: (T)Raumschiff Surprise, made by a quite famous group of TV comedians. It was the biggest opening in Germany ever, so naturally all the other movies dropped one place.

Spiderman 2 dropped fom 1 to 2, Shrek 2 is now on number 3, and on number 4, there´s the Stepford Wives. I think, under these circumstances that´s not bad.”

According to Jan, the reviews have been lukewarm, as in most places, but the audiences seem to be having a wonderful time…so who knows? I had a good time myself….

Alisha, whom I believe comes from the land of Oz (correct me if I’m wrong) sent these fabulous links to reviews, pics, and info from the Aussie press. I thought this would be informative, so enjoy:

Anyhoo…thank you ladies for your patience. Sorry I posted your information so late.

Love, Mister D

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