BLB Updates: 08-07-04


Hey Everybody!!! What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happening? Okay if you won’t, then I will…and there seems to be so much to digest this go round.

As everyone knows, KMB is starting back up and I’m putting together pieces here and there from BLB readers, Bette insiders, Industry insiders, and of course, Moronica the Boot-Licking Turkey. I know…just as soon as you think you might not hear from her, she just waddles in and starts turkey talking…but she does get the job done!

The rehearsals for the show begin August 30th with the first stop on the tour being Manchester, New Hampshire on September 30th. It will be a 30 city tour. Not all the cities have been released yet, but you can be assured that these will be on the list…Providence, Reading, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Richmond, Atlanta, Uncasville, New York (4 nights at Radio City), British Columbia, Atlantic City…and that’s all I can remember unfortunately. Once I get the full list I’ll be sure to get them all up….the European leg is still being talked about, but nothing definite at this point.

I’ve already gotten the tour schedule started and will add as I get ticket information…

Anyway, August 9th tickets go on sale for Atlantic City…so be ready for Monday Morning whomever is going to that show…(


Music is up in the jukebox and on bootleg betty records (karaoke again)


The new poll is up…on my continuing quest to find everyone’s favorite song from each of Bette’s CD’s. So don’t forget to vote!!!


Previous poll results were:

Which Is Your Favorite Song From: Beaches?

I Think It’s Going to Rain Today 34.8%
Wind Beneath My Wings 28.7%
Under The Boardwalk 10.5%
I Know You by Heart 6.1%
Oh Industry 5.6%
Otto Tisling 4.7%
The Glory of Love 3.8%
I’ve Still Got My Health 3.5%
Baby Mine 2.3%

Which Is Your Favorite Song From: Some People’s Lives

From a Distance 20.4%
Night and Day 18.2%
Miss Otis Regrets 14.3%
He Was Too Good To Me/Since You Stayed Here 10.8%
Some People’s Lives 8.0%
The Gift of Love 8.0%
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most 5.7%
Moonlight Dancing 5.7%
All of a Sudden 3.5%
The Girl Is on to You 2.9%
One More Round 2.5%

Stepford Wives DVD: Release Date – Oct 26, 2004 (Thanks Leon!)

Hulaween: Tuesday, October 26: Save the Date and get your tickets …well soon! I’ll be going this year again, so I hope to meet some of you!


Lots of repeats of Bette and Stepford Wives appearances making the rounds-you can check out the dates here:


Mister V (Bruce Vilanch) is garnering raves in his own backyard of L.A. (not literally!!!) at the Panges Theatre and which bodes very well for his anticipated debut on Broadway in October. Hope everyone gets to catch his performance in this fabulous musical.

Check out my sister site We Got Bruce for reviews, his articles, and interviews…get to know him and you’ll love him as much as I did ever since I was a babe in high heels!!! And who says I’m NOT still a babe in high heels!!!

I do believe that’s enough for now. Remember: Don’t forget to register and Don’t forgt to vote!!!

Have a great weekend…

Much Love, Mister D

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